Brigitte Massalve is an artist-photographer born in Paris.

Her work is often a transformation of the humain being, a deconstruction of the reality for a different reading.

The distortion by the water including a specific regulation of the sensor which brings a "animal" colorimetry to the human vision, of the infinitely small via the pop kaleidoscope, Brigitte Massalve doesn't stop of clouding the tracks.

Her artworks are often likened to the paint. This pictorial dimension comes true, in its artworks in black and white, where the skin texture mixes with the aquatic element, in its pop shots which would make the pictorial experts damn themselves, or still in chiaroscuro deserving of the Dutch school.

In this her own world where the humain being becomes an almost mythological creature, half-man, half-woman, it turn out to be a particular aestheticism : the one of Brigitte Massalve.